​5105 W Foundation Ct.
Sioux Falls SD 57107​

Mailing address:

po box 84907

​sioux falls, sd 57118

"Has to be one of the best companies to deal with in any aspect of the industry and I won't dare go anywhere else' - Michael L.


Owner Operator



Our dispatch location is based out of Sioux Falls, SD. We deliver a wide variety of foods/cargo across the entire United States. 

Company Drivers


"Super professional. Setting the standard for accountability in trucking. Great equipment and even better people. I am so glad to be associated with these good people." - Paul L.


​​Our mission at dakota carriers is to provide a driver and customer friendly company. we offer a variety of services to our customers. we strive greatly to provide the best quality service to our customers to gain their full satisfaction and for their repeat service.

We aspire to be the trucking company that will satisfy not only the customer, but make every employee feel a part of a family.